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The Members of Team PTSD

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

Alvin Chia (Silvering)

Best result to date:

UTPC 2.0 Champion

About Alvin:

Don't be fooled by Alvin’s big and tough exterior - because he is actually a kind and gentle Autobot at heart. Sporting a Lionizer-like mane of orange hair, Alvin’s best result to date is winning the UTPC 2.0 24-man event when he was least expected to, and surprising even himself.

He counts Magic, YuGi-Oh and Pokemon among his card-gaming experiences but loves console games as well as PC Games like Command & Conquer and Warcraft too.

Despite being one of the “good guys” on the team, he openly declares that his only Decepticon love is for Nemesis Prime - something that the rest suspect is untrue, since took down UTPC 2.0 with Insecticons.

Known also as Ah Beng Insects (you'll have to ask him about it), Alvin considers himself an aggro-control player and can't wait for rotation to happen in the game, just so he can see non double pip orange and blue cards go.

His quotable quote: adding “oh” at the end of almost every sentence he speaks. And types. Really oh.


Andre (Triace)

Best result to date:

STFU Top 4, Asia Comic Con Top 8, Eye of the Matrix 2 Top 8

About Andre:

Andre considers himself the member with the least card gaming experience but has proven to be skilled when it comes to piloting his trademark Aerialbots.

His Top 4 finish at STFU and a Top 8 placing at Asia Comic Con are nothing to sneeze at, results made all the more impressive considering he went 5-0 in the Swiss rounds of both these events.

When asked what affiliation he considers himself, his answer was a plain and simple “Aerialbot.” The only problem there is that all five positions (and body parts) are already taken.

A natural tempo control player, Andre recently discovered the magic of the black pip. Suffice to say he ain't never comin’ back. He also enjoys sideboarding, declaring that “that's where I belong.”


Ewan (SirDragonBane)

Best results to date:

STFU Top 8, UTPC 2.0 Top 8, Asia Comic Con 10th place

About Ewan:

An Optimus Prime fanatic, you would be hard pressed to find Ewan playing a list without the legendary leader of the Autobots. It's a good thing for him that so far, every wave has seen a playable Optimus Prime.

While once he would never even consider playing a Decepticon, this self-professed Autobot isn't opposed to now subjugating a few Decepticon slaves, as long as they be used to further Prime’s cause…

Ewan’s experience with card gaming goes all the way back to a very slight dabbling of Magic, a healthy dose of Pokemon, a ton of Game of Thrones (the original CCG, LCGS 1.0 and 2.0), and a crazy amount of Vs System.

With a pair of Top 8 finishes at STFU and UTPC 2.0, and a 10th place showing at Asia Comic Con to his name, Ewan is patiently awaiting the day he can take Optimus Prime to the top of the pile in his preferred aggro-control style.


Shawn (Valerious)

Best result to date:

STFU Runner-up, Eye of the Matrix 2 Top 8

About Shawn:

Shawn is the resident guru when it comes to meta-strategy, constantly helping the team and the community to focus their deck ideas and optimise their plays.

The one-time New Zealand resident (there wasn't enough salt in Middle Earth for his taste) is also an experienced gamer, counting Pokemon, VS System, Keyforge, Magic and Warhammer as games he has competed in.

If he were a Transformer, he would be an out and out Mercenary, smashing and grabbing as he goes.

His best result so far was the plundering of a top 2 spot at a 30-man STFU tournament, where he took Optimus Prime, Battlefield Legend to the final, only to be traumatised by a top-draw, top-decking Insecticons opponent, which wasn't all bad as it also led to the start of Team PTSD.

To get him to use his trademark quotable quote, all you have to do is tell him you are considering a poor deck idea and he will stare you dead in the eyes, shake his head and tell you to... “LISTEN TO YOURSELF!”


Tim (Azyrine)

Best results to date:

Singapore Mega Event Winner, UK Energon Open Top 8, STFU Top 8, Asia Comic Con Winner, Lvl Up Top 8, 44th Place at Energon Invitational, Corona Cup 4 Winner, Eye of the Matrix 1 Top 8, Alpha Trion August 2020 Top 8

About Tim:

The most decorated member of Team PTSD, Timmy B0i, as he is also known, was the Singapore Mega Event 2019 Winner, made the UK Energon Open 2019 Top 8, STFU Top 8, Level Up Top 8, and was champion at Asia Comic Con. He may the trip to participate in the Energon Invitational, but unfortunately placed at 44th position. During the recent pandemic, Jason Crutchfield hosted a series of virtual tournaments on OCTGN called the Corona Cup(s), and Tim was the winner of Corona Cup 4.

Fluffy Tim (as we affectionately call him when he fluffs his flips, which actually happens a lot more commonly than you'd think is possible given the probability maths) is also widely experienced in the ways of the CCG, having played WWE Rawdeal, Pokemon, and VS System TCG competitively.

As the de facto leader of the team, he boasts that if he were a Transformer, he would be a Decepticon Mercenary - proven by the fact that he has won with Insects (SG Mega Event), Shockwave (Asia ComicCon) and placed in each of his events with different decks/deck types.

While he may be the driving force behind our team and a skilled player of the Transformers TCG, Tim is also secretly a Disney Princess in disguise and lives by the motto “Disney is Life”. That would explain why he can be constantly heard singing “Let It Go” to himself when he is getting beat by one of his teammates.


Wayne (GuardGaia)

Best results to date:

London Energon Invitational Preliminary Qualifier 2nd place, Brighton Energon Invitational Preliminary Qualifier 3rd place, Eye of the Matrix 1 Top 8, Eye of the Matrix 2 4th place

About Wayne:

His name is Wong, Wayne Wong. Though he may not be the magic-slinging lorekeeper of the Sanctum Sanctorum alongside Dr Strange, he is the lorekeeper of all things transformers on Team PTSD. The newest member of the team is also the only foreign member, hailing from Malaysia and now residing in London (again, not in the Sanctum).

As the driving force behind the London TFTCG community, Wayne not only organised events there outside of the Engeron Invitational, but can also boast Top 2 and Top 3 placings in London EI Qualifier Preliminary and Brighton EI Qualifier preliminary respectively.

Wayne counts Magic: The Gathering, WWE Raw Deal and Hearthstone among the TCGs he's had competitive experience in. His favourite character as a kid was Star Saber (no one knows who that is), which is part of the Japanese Transformers animation (which no one watched, outside of Japan. j/k. But not really). Wayne's favourite character these days is whomever he is obsessing about that isn't in his collection (he is two away from a complete G1 set).

These days, Wayne is a self-professed jank player (lies) that doesn't prefer either Autobots or Decepticons, as long as they help him win (See the irony there?). In the recent Eye of the Matrix 1 and 2 events, he also managed to take his place in the Top 8 and Top 4 respectively. Also, the team never picks a fight with him as he boxes, lifts weights and can squat 16 times his body weight.

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