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Eye of the Matrix: The Ark | Rules Document

A happy new year to everyone and thank you for your continued support of the Eye of the Matrix events. To kick off the first Eye of the Matrix event of 2021, we have the first of many fan sets incorporated into the format. By their powers combined, Blues on Attack, Wreck ‘N Rule, Powered by Primus, Matafer, Mike King, and Carl Endres are collectively known as The Ark. We are pleased to present to you Eye of the Matrix: The Ark! Welcome aboard and may the odds be ever in your favour!


All official wotc cards from waves 1 to 5 are allowed. The Ark wave 1 will be permitted as well. No other fan-made cards will be allowed in this event. All existing standard Transformers Trading Card Game tournament rules and ban list will apply to this event.

The Ark’s cards can be found at:

A minimum of 4 swiss rounds of Constructed format will be played, with additional rounds determined by the number of players registered in the event.

Constructed Play

  • Best 2 of 3 matches

  • 50-minute rounds

  • Waves 1 to 5, and The Ark Wave 1 permitted

  • 25-star or less total team and deck of battle cards

  • 40-card deck minimum

Ban List

  • Swap Parts

  • Press The Advantage

  • Multi-Mission Gear

Sideboard Rules

  • 1 character card of 20 stars or fewer

  • 10 battle cards inclusive of Stratagems if any

  • After sideboarding, decks must be legal

  • After each game in a match, the player who won that game sideboards first and declares their team. Then the player who lost that game sideboards and declares their team.

  • No more than 3 copies of each Battle Card are allowed between a player’s deck and sideboard. -Duplicate character cards are not allowed between players’ decks and sideboards.


The organizers reserve the right to reject any participant for any reason. Organizers will be participating in the tournament, and will be allowed to win prizes.

Organizer Contact

Timothy Teo

Facebook/Messenger :

Discord : Azyrine #7195


Facebook :


The entry fee for participation is set at each player’s own discretion. Instead of imposing a fee for this event, we have decided to go with a pay-as-you-wish concept.

All participants are required to register at Contributions can be made via PayPal to Should you have physical items to contribute, you may get in touch with the Organizer for arrangements.


Participants are required to use for their deck lists. Please email the completed deck’s link to

Deck lists should be submitted no later than 6 January 2021, 10am (GMT+8).


All participants are required to join the event Discord channel. The link is

Kindly post in the appropriate channels for tournament matters and keep all other discussions in #General chat.


This event is stated to run from 7 January 2021 through to the month of February 2021.

The total number of rounds in the Swiss bracket is determined by the overall number of participants. Each match will be a best of 3 format.

After the Swiss rounds in the initial bracket are completed, the overall pool will be subjected to a top 8 cut. The top 8 of this event will compete in a Double Elimination format to determine the eventual winner. Top 8 players are required to have a judge present for their matches.

Pairings are done using Each round should take no longer than 2 days to complete upon release of pairings. Should participants not be able to complete their matches with valid reasons, they will receive a DRAW result.

Matches are to be conducted via Discord, in one of the assigned match channels. Should a participant not be able to play on Discord, he/she should contact a judge or the Organizer to discuss alternatives.

All participants are to strictly adhere to the following match timeslots as our judges have their own commitments. Participants are not restricted to playing on their own time zones and are allowed to play during any slot that is convenient for both themselves and their opponents.

All result submissions are to be submitted on Discord in the #score-reporting channel.


The judges are members of The Ark as found on the Discord with the same role name. Carl Endres will be the head judge for this event and he is based in America (EST). Players can look for them by tagging @theark on the main discord to get in touch with the judges.

Judges will be on standby during the scheduled times for tournament play. They will be hopping into Discord channels at random to view games and are not expected to be viewing games in their entirety.

Judges will go through all submitted deck lists upon submission, and if a deck list is not valid, the participant will be informed to make changes prior to the start of the tournament.


Participants may be required to pay shipping for the prizes, since no fixed entry fee is being collected. Shipping and handling fees vary based on country. Shipping times are also affected due to the current global pandemic. Some items are stated to arrive 2 months from date of shipping.

The winner of the tournament will have first pick from the prize pool, followed by the 2nd place all the way to 8th place. Winners will be allowed only one item from the list. Here is the list of the prizes:

Prize A: One (1) set of Wreck ‘N Rule pack (2 dice, 1 button pin, 3 coasters, 1 magnet, 3 stickers)

Prize B: One (1) unit of Transformers Generations Power of the Primes Quintus Prime figure

Prize C: One (1) set of tokens (4 Springer tokens, 1 Matrix token, 1 Soundwave token)

Prize D: One (1) set of wave 5 promo cards (Perceptor, Convex, Tidal Wave, Arcana)

Prize E: One (1) unit of Starscream, Decepticon King character card

Prize F: One (1) unit of Bumblebee unpainted miniature figure by wizkids

Prize G: One (1) unit of Transformers Siege Lionizer figure

Prize H: One (1) unit of Transformers Siege Shockwave figure

In addition to a prize option above, the winner of the event will also receive a Wreck ‘N Rule enamel pin.

*The listed prizes are subjected to changes depending on contributions and donations made by the community.


1. All matches will follow the existing rules – Best of 3 format, with a total time of 60 minutes. Should participants require more time due to technical difficulties, we will leave it to their own discretion to have their match completed and reported by the deadline.

2. All participants are expected to play fair. Cheating in any form will not be tolerated. Any participant caught to be cheating will immediately be revoked from the tournament.

3. If a participant suspects his/her opponent is slow playing, rulings that require clarifications, or if there are any major discrepancies, he/she should contact a judge to assist. Any ruling made by a judge is final.

4. All participants are required to submit their deck list with their registration. Failure to do so will render your registration void. Should a participant note something is invalid with his/her opponent’s deck, please raise the issue up with a judge. Such matters will be taken very seriously and the judge will rule accordingly.

5. Each participant is required to have his entire deck, scrap pile, KO’ed pile and play area visible in the webcam. Each participant’s hand should be placed down visibly when not being looked at.

6. Clear and accurate ways of tracking damage and hit points must be used. Reflective counters that can’t be seen due to light reflection will not be allowed in the tournament if your opponent is unable to see the numbers clearly.

7. Technical issues will likely arise with such a scale tournament spanning across various countries. We expect players to be able to troubleshoot their own issues. Players will be left to their own discretion to add time back to the clock, but feel free to contact a judge if required.

8. Proxies will not be allowed for this event. All participants are expected to have the physical cards available.

9. We understand that not everyone has English as their first language. It is fully acceptable should a participant not pronounce a card name accurately if naming a card for Counterespionage, as long as the participant is able to clearly explain what the card does as well. Naming a completely different card would not be acceptable.

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