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Eye of the Matrix: Civil War - Rules

A huge THANK YOU to everyone for the continued success of the Eye of the Matrix events! It is through the participation of the players and the time given by the judges to oversee the matches that we can have these events. We hope to keep this up for a long time and to always keep things fresh for you. Our events will always be open to the entire world. In the spirit of always keeping things fresh, we would like to initiate our first ever Transformers TCG Team Event with Eye of the Matrix 4: Civil War!

In an alternate world where disagreements lead to conflict, an all out war rages amongst the Autobots as the Decepticons look on, ever ready to prey on the victor. There is no escape. No conversions will take place. It’s Autobot against Autobot as sides are taken as to who is worthy of the Matrix. May the light of the Matrix be with you.


1. Teams of up to 4 players can be registered. Teams are required to register their members and team name on Only 3 players will compete each round, with the 4th player as a substitute should another team member be unavailable for play.

2. Only Autobot characters permitted. No repeated characters are allowed across team line-ups. This includes the characters brought into the game such as with Sentinels and Volcanicus.

3. Stratagems are also unique. Only one Heroic Spotlight will be permitted per team.

4. Banned battle cards are Swap Parts, Press the Advantage, Multi-Mission Gear, Daring Escape and Conversion Engine. No fan-made cards are allowed.

5. Each player in the team must have an assigned deck. If a team registers 4 players, all 4 players must have a deck assigned to them.

6. Each team must assign a designated leader. The team leader will be responsible for collating the scores from each match of the round and compiling them for a final reporting. Only the team leaders should be reporting scores to avoid unnecessary confusion.

7. Each team will have a shared limit of 5 copies maximum of each named battle card (deck and sideboard inclusive). If Player A plays 3 copies of Grenade Launcher in his deck, Players B, C and D will have only 2 copies of Grenade Launcher left to be shared between them.

8. Team leaders will assign their members from #1 to #3 each round and report these to the TO via private message prior to playing each round. The TO will then announce the players facing off against each other. #1 will face off against an opposing #1, and so forth.

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