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Preview | Shock Factors

Hello everyone, it's Azyrine this time with a preview article for the Alpha Trion Protocols. ATP-2 is underway and it looks to provide...

Preview | Renewed Contracts

This set was led and largely designed by Adam Edgmond of the Bayformers group in California, and it sure has some interesting card designs.

Eye of the Matrix: Civil War - Rules

A huge THANK YOU to everyone for the continued success of the Eye of the Matrix events! It is through the participation of the players...

Preview | The Return of Lord Straxus

The time is now for the Alpha Trion Protocols to come into effect. The time has come for the return of Lord Straxus!

Eye of the Matrix Tournament Rules

This tournament is targeted mainly at the Southeast Asian community, though we are open to having the rest of the world join us in this.

Meta Talk | The Mustang

Deck profile of The Mustang, winner of the Corona Cup 4 online tournament.

Jankyard | Fortress Maximus!!

Greetings Cybertronians, Autobot AL of Team PTSD reporting in. Fortress Maximus has been sighted on the battlefield! I repeat, we have a...

Jankyard | Secret Ops

Imagine having 4 to 5 secret across the board? How would that change the game?

Jankyard | Blue Cars

Ba Weep Gran Na Weep Ninny Bong! I'm Tim and I would like to discuss the prospects of a blue cars build. Cars have been generally known...

Jankyard | Master Jetfire

I present to you my variant of Captain Jetfire, whom I shall affectionately term Master Jetfire from here on.

Jankyard | Mixing It Up

Today, I would like to discuss about my style of deck building - mixed pips.

Overview | Energon Invitational Recap

Tim's overview of the Energon Invitational. His match-ups, deck profile, sealed profile and suggestions for event improvements.

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